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Tarot Cards Explained:
Four of Wands

What it can mean for your career, health, and lovelife

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The Four of Wands tarot card is seen as a representation of celebration, peace, harmony and a stable home environment. It depicts a stage of completion or a pause for appreciation on the way to a new phase of achievement or learning. This card is often a good omen and brings a positive message to the querist.


The Four of Wands portrays a scene of celebration. In the Rider-Waite deck, it shows two joyful people, usually women, holding bouquets of flowers aloft, as if in celebration or offering. Four wands are set in the ground, forming a canopy of flowers and ripe fruit. The wands themselves are a symbol of stability, energy and a sense of successful realization of desires.

General Meaning

The Four of Wands tarot card generally signifies completion, celebration and a time of peace and relaxation. This card signifies creating a foundation, stability, safety and the comfort that comes along with owning a home. The card indicates that you have achieved something significant and are ready to celebrate this achievement.

Love and Relationships

In a love reading, the Four of Wands is an excellent card indicating a stable relationship, peaceful home and potential for a lasting commitment or marriage. This card implies a strong sense of unity and support within a relationship. It also indicates the celebration of milestones together.

Career and Finances

In terms of career, the Four of Wands could indicate a time of celebration and success in your professional life. This might be due to completion of a major project or reaching a significant milestone. For finances, it suggests stability, increase and prosperity.


When drawn for health, the Four of Wands is also considered positive. It may denote recovery from illness, a time of vibrant health, or may advise that a balanced approach to health should lead to a sense of harmony and wellbeing.

Spiritual Contexts

The Four of Wands suggests a time of spiritual peace and contentment. It can signal a phase of personal growth and development in your spiritual journey. It encourages you to celebrate your progress and achievements on your spiritual path.

Past, Present, and Future

Past – Reflects a period of hard work, joy, and celebration; a time of reaping the rewards of previous efforts. Present – Indicates a time of stability, joy and contentment in your life. Future – Suggests coming achievements, celebrations, happy times and putting down roots.

What it means if Reversed?

In reverse, the Four of Wands can indicate personal or family conflicts, lack of harmony and stability. It may symbolize a feeling of unfulfillment or disappointment in some aspect of your life.

What it means in Yes or No Reading?

In a yes or no reading, the Four of Wands is a 'Yes'. It suggests positive outcomes, success and celebration.

Overall, the Four of Wands typically represents a joyous celebration, a time of harmony and stability, and successful completion of a phase. If you see this card, it’s likely that you have something wonderful to celebrate or you soon will.

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