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Tarot Cards Explained:
The High Priestess

What it can mean for your career, health, and lovelife

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The High Priestess card is the second Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks. This card represents intuition, the subconscious mind, and higher powers. It reflects secrets, mystery and is considered a spiritual card. It is predominantly about introspection, inner guidance and wisdom.


The High Priestess is depicted as a woman sitting between two pillars, one black and the other white, which represent the duality of our world. She holds a scroll labelled 'Tora', indicating divine law and spiritual enlightenment. On her head, she wears a crown adorned with a crescent moon, Solar cross and two horns which denotes the connection between mind, body and spirit. Her blue robes represent knowledge, and behind her is a veil decorated with pomegranates symbolizing fertility and the divine feminine.

General Meaning

Generally, the High Priestess card signifies intuition, divine knowledge, wisdom, serenity and the subconscious mind. It is a reminder to listen to your inner voice and trust your instincts. You must trust the process and allow yourself to be guided by your higher self. This card may also indicate that there are hidden secrets or facts that you are yet to discover.

Love and Relationships

In the context of love and relationships, the High Priestess suggests the need to listen to your intuition about your relationship. It may also denote that there are secrets or aspects of your relationship you aren't fully aware of yet. For singles, it may hint at a mysterious or intuitively guided romantic encounter in the future.

Career and Finances

In terms of career and finances, this card indicates that you should trust your intuition in business matters. It may also suggest you're undervaluing your potential or capabilities. With finances, it is a reminder to be cautious and not rush into investments or financial commitments.


Health-wise, the High Priestess reminds you to listen to your gut feelings about your body. Pay attention to what your intuition or even your dreams tell you about your health. It encourages a balanced approach to health, nourishing both mind and body.

Spiritual Contexts

The High Priestess is a highly spiritual card that suggests you're developing psychic abilities or are having profound spiritual experiences. It reflects a deeper understanding of the universe and your place within it. It signifies that you are being called towards inner contemplation and spiritual enlightenment.

Past, Present, and Future

As a past card, The High Priestess suggests you’ve relied on your intuition and it has served you well. In the present position, it indicates that you should trust your instincts now. As a future card, it signifies that secrets will be revealed or intuitive decisions will guide your actions.

What it means if Reversed?

When reversed, the High Priestess can represent secrets being revealed, often leading to a feeling of disillusionment. It can also denote an over-reliance on logic and ignoring intuition, or a need to look inward and trust your inner voice. The card can suggest blocks in spiritual development.

What it means in Yes or No Reading?

In a yes or no reading, the High Priestess is usually neutral. It advises to trust your gut and look for deeper meanings. It may signify that the answer isn't clear yet and you may need to wait for additional information.

The High Priestess is a powerful spiritual card that encourages trusting intuition, seeking wisdom, and understanding oneself better. Whether upright or reversed, it signals the need for introspection, inner guidance, and heightened awareness both in personal dealings and higher understanding.

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