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Tarot Cards Explained:
Two of Swords

What it can mean for your career, health, and lovelife

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The Two of Swords is a tarot card that represents balance and difficult decisions. It signifies that the seeker may face a situation where they must make a tough choice, possibly more of a stalemate, where they are torn between two possibilities. The result, though important, is usually balanced and just, but not easy to arrive at.


The imagery on the Two of Swords depicts a blindfolded woman, seated and holding two evenly balanced swords across her chest. The blindfold signifies confusion or a lack of clarity, while the two swords represent opposing choices or ideas. The calm sea and crescent moon in the background symbolize the peace and tranquility that will follow the seeker's decision.

General Meaning

When you draw the Two of Swords, it's a moment of decision-making. It implies making a choice between two contrasting paths, options, or realities which can be difficult. It may also indicate the feeling of being stuck, needing more information, or avoiding making a decision due to fear of potential consequences.

Love and Relationships

In terms of love and relationships, the Two of Swords suggests that you may be in a stalemate situation in your relationship where a decision must be made. It advises that avoiding the issue or refusing to communicate only prolongs the inevitable and it is better to face the issue head-on.

Career and Finances

In a career context, the Two of Swords may indicate that you're at a crossroads. You may have to make a difficult decision regarding your job or finances. Although it might be intimidating, the card advises you to not be in denial and deal with it directly.


From a health perspective, this card advises you to not ignore any health issues. If you have been putting off medical check-ups or ignoring symptoms, now is the time to take action. The card implies that ignoring issues won't solve them; only addressing can bring clarity.

Spiritual Contexts

On a spiritual level, the Two of Swords indicates a need for balance. It could be a reminder to harmonize the mind and the heart, to make balanced decisions. It urges you to listen to your intuition and trust it when facing major choices.

Past, Present, and Future

Pulled as a past card, it shows a past defined by difficult choices or blocked emotions. In the present position, it suggests you're standing at a crossroads. If drawn for the future, it foretells an upcoming decision that will need wisdom and introspection to solve.

What it means if Reversed?

When reversed, the Two of Swords suggests that you may be able to see things more clearly than you did before. It might indicate an end to indecision, an upcoming resolution, or the necessity to confront something you've been avoiding in life.

What it means in Yes or No Reading?

In a yes or no reading, the Two of Swords generally indicates a 'maybe'. It suggests that more information is needed before a clear answer can be given, or it might represent a stalemate where neither yes nor no seem completely accurate.

In conclusion, the Two of Swords is a card of difficult decisions and balance. It urges the seeker to confront issues and not to avoid them, while also reminding them that making choices can restore balance and peace. This card is about weighing options carefully and deciding which direction to take.

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