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Tarot Cards Explained:
Page of Swords

What it can mean for your career, health, and lovelife

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The Page of Swords is a card in the minor arcana of the tarot that signifies curiosity, restlessness, and a thirst for knowledge. It is often associated with youth, communication, vigilance, and resourcefulness. Being a card of air, it's connected to mental pursuits and intellectual ventures.


The Page of Swords depicts a young man standing on rocky ground, holding a sword high with both hands, indicating readiness to confront challenges. The presence of turbulent winds in the card symbolizes mental unrest while the patchy clouds represent uncertainties. Birds in the background denote high ideals and aspirations.

General Meaning

When the Page of Swords appears in a reading, it often represents a messenger bringing you challenging opportunities or news. It prompts you to prepare for change. It may also indicate that you are filled with ideas and plans and are ready to bring them to fruition.

Love and Relationships

In a Love and Relationship reading, the Page of Swords can indicate a new relationship that's exciting yet volatile. It may suggest the need for open communication. For singles, it could signify an imminent encounter with someone who stimulates your mind and shares your curiosity.

Career and Finances

In terms of career and finances, the Page of Swords may suggest a new project or opportunity that allows you to apply your intellectual abilities. It could also indicate financial challenges where you need to think and act strategically.


From a health perspective, the Page of Swords signals a time of action. It might signify the need to be proactive about your health, possibly indicating a time of increased physical activity or a new health regimen.

Spiritual Contexts

Spiritually, the Page of Swords encourages a quest for knowledge and truth. It asks you to remain open-minded, question everything, and strive to know and understand yourself and the universe better.

Past, Present, and Future

In a Past, Present, and Future reading, as a past card, the Page of Swords could indicate a past filled with curiosity and learning. In the present, it suggests you are facing a challenge that requires intellect and strategy. As a future card, it may hint at upcoming changes requiring you to remain flexible and adaptable.

What it means if Reversed?

In a reversed position, the Page of Swords can signify gossip, deceit, or lack of planning. It can also represent someone who is overly curious and interfering. In this position, one must guard against being impulsive and avoid hasty decisions.

What it means in Yes or No Reading?

In a Yes or No reading, the Page of Swords is neutral. The answer is not clearly yes or no but instead hints at perhaps or maybe. It suggests that the question revolves around change, requiring careful thought and consideration before making a decision.

The Page of Swords encourages you to embrace the spirit of learning and curiosity. It's a card of mental agility, urging you to be aware, careful and alert in facing challenges. With this card, you are asked to approach your situations with a clear mind and an open heart.

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