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Tarot Cards Explained:
Nine of Wands

What it can mean for your career, health, and lovelife

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The Nine of Wands is a card of the Minor Arcana Set in the Tarot card deck. It often represents a final test or challenge, sometimes even exhaustion, but ultimately strength and perseverance. This card is associated with the element of fire, indicating passion, enthusiasm, and ambition.


In the Nine of Wands card, a figure is seen standing firm, holding a wand firmly while the rest are erect behind him indicating firm boundaries and inner strength. His bandaged head signifies surviving past battles and the readiness to face upcoming challenges. The clear horizon symbolizes hope and opportunities.

General Meaning

When drawing the Nine of Wands, be prepared to face challenges or tests that could bring growth and enlightenment. It speaks to being on the verge of attainment, and the need for mental resilience and fortitude. Despite any weariness, it's a call to stand your ground.

Love and Relationships

In a love reading, the Nine of Wands suggests that you may have to overcome a final hurdle in order to reach happiness. This could be gaining the courage to express feelings, working through a disagreement, or focusing on trust. It signifies patience and determination will pay off.

Career and Finances

In terms of career and finances, this card could indicate a tough phase at work that may be overwhelming but is necessary for your ultimate career achievement. Be persistent and stand your ground. Financially, it suggests guarding your resources and being resilient.


If related to health, the Nine of Wands may imply recovery from a health condition, but also stresses the need for patience during this recovery. It suggests the need for resilience and perseverance to overcome a health issue.

Spiritual Contexts

On a spiritual level, this card symbolizes the final step before attaining spiritual growth. There might be a challenge or test that your spirit needs to conquer. Stand firm in your spiritual beliefs and trust in your inner strength.

Past, Present, and Future

In terms of past, present, and future, this card suggests past battles and trying times but also surviving them. In the present, it hints at current difficulties but with the strength to overcome them. For the future, it implies overcoming any trials and achieving your goals.

What it means if Reversed?

When reversed, the Nine of Wands may represent inner fears, tiredness, and the inability to face any more challenges. It can suggest a need to take a rest, or reflect on your fears before moving on.

What it means in Yes or No Reading?

In a Yes or No reading, the Nine of Wands is generally considered as 'Maybe'. It suggests that the answer lies in your ability to confront and overcome any current challenges.

The Nine of Wands is a card of strength, passion, and resilience, pushing you to persist in the face of adversity. Despite the challenges you face, it's a reminder of the rewards that come with overcoming them.

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