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Tarot Cards Explained:
The Chariot

What it can mean for your career, health, and lovelife

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The Chariot card is the seventh card in the Major Arcana. This tarot card symbolizes control, will power, success, action, and determination. It often depicts a brave warrior or king who is steering a chariot, symbolizing one's journey through life and control over their destiny.


The Chariot card typically features a warrior or king, driving a chariot drawn by sphinxes or horses. The charioteer holds no reins, signifying that they control through their will and mind, rather than physical strength. The sphinxes or horses, often one black and one white, symbolize mysteries of life, transformations, and the unity of opposing forces. The city walls in the background represent the confines of the human mind and life.

General Meaning

When drawn in a tarot reading, the Chariot indicates the harnessing of power and strength to fulfill one's journey or accomplish goals. It represents overcoming obstacles through determination and control. The card suggests that through focus and willpower, one can navigate the complexities of life and emerge victorious.

Love and Relationships

The Chariot in a relationship context might suggest the need for balance. It can indicate a relationship where people are working to maintain a collective direction and control. The card may also point to overcoming issues or conflicts and the need for both parties to pull together.

Career and Finances

In terms of career and finance, the Chariot signifies victory and progress. It suggests that one might be close to attaining a major career goal or advancement. For finances, the card indicates discipline in financial matters and the potential for financial success.


If your query pertains to health, the Chariot card represents determination to overcome health problems. It encourages maintaining a positive mentality and a disciplined approach towards lifestyle and wellness.

Spiritual Contexts

In a spiritual context, the Chariot card signifies spiritual transformation and journey. It implies moving forward with faith and trust in the universe, even when the path is not clear. This card encourages one to stay balanced and in control of one's spirituality.

Past, Present, and Future

When representing the past, the Chariot reflects a time of struggle that was overcome through willpower. In the present, it represents a current ordeal that can be won through determination. As for the future, it suggests imminent success and achievement of goals.

What it means if Reversed?

A reversed Chariot card can indicate lack of control, direction, or determination. It might signify feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities or challenges, leading to a defeatist mentality.

What it means in Yes or No Reading?

In a Yes/No reading, the Chariot provides a strong 'yes'. It signifies a positive outcome, suggesting that victory is within reach through self-control, determination, and focus.

The Chariot represents a positive force, telling you that with determination and willpower, you can conquer your obstacles and achieve your goals. Whether in terms of love, career, health or personal growth, drawing the Chariot is a message of encouragement and victory.

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